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Layer One Technology Solutions Corp.: A One-stop Shop for Data Center White Space

Jason Thompson, President & CEO
The recent times have witnessed a staggering amount of money being spent on data centers including the monumental outlay for basic infrastructure, energy bills, cost of maintenance and upgrades, and, of course, staffing with expensive IT talent. This makes it critical for CIOs that the data centers go online on time, ready for 24/7 uptime, especially if they are running mission-critical tasks. To this end, it is imperative for the CIOs to partner with a company that has the experience and knowledge of the data center operations. By delivering complete white space construction, modifications, and services to some of the leading commercial and government data centers across the country, Layer One Technology Solutions Corp. delivers on the role of a premier data center white space solution provider.

Founded in 2014 with a focus on cabling and infrastructure in the public and private sector, Layer One has evolved over the years to deliver a complete turn-key solution in the data center white space and commercial office environment to many prestigious clients such as Corning, General Dynamics, SAIC, and many other government entities. “We operate as a one-stop shop for all the needs that a client might have whether that’s security, audio-visual, fiber optics, or data center white space services,” says Jason Thompson, the President, and CEO of Layer One. He attributes the success of his company to his team’s military and government background and the years of experience that they have to work in the commercial arena.
“By leveraging our experience with the state, local and federal governments, we have secured many large private sector clients and grown organically,” states Thompson.

Specializing in the data center white space, Layer One operationalizes the physical infrastructure and glacial offerings for different service providers. The company works directly with the end-users through its account and project managers. They help the clients in custom-designing the solutions according to their needs. Next, Layer One’s engineers design the system and processes for the clients that are implemented on their site. “Our dedicated project engineers and managers are constantly working with our customers to comprehend their requirement and deliver solutions that fit their organizational mission and value,” mentions Thompson. In addition, Layer One also provides services on the construction aspect whether it involves putting conduit infrastructure together for a communication system or security purpose, constructing cage walls, data center containment or cable tray systems they are able to provide the customer a turnkey product. Through Layer One’s one-stop-shop solution, clients are enabled to carry out a complete integration of their systems by collaborating with a single solution provider.

Having carved a unique niche in the IT infrastructure, Layer One aims to grow rapidly in the next 12- 18 months. The company delivers turnkey solutions nationwide today, they will be collaborating with many global conglomerates for delivering data center projects in the near future. Thompson mentions that in addition to all of the data center white space services they offer Layer One also provides services and solutions for the copper and fiber infrastructure systems, wifi system design and installation, physical security solutions, audio visual solutions and VoIP for commercial and government entities across the county. “We have found that our customers prefer to work with one integrator that knows all of their systems and can provide all of the technology solutions that they need to ensure seamless integration and compatibility between all systems,” concludes Thompson.
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Jason Thompson, President & CEO

Layer One provides a complete array of infrastructure-related services for inside and outside plant data

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