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Peloton: The Backbone of Innovation and Business Transformation with Peloton Cloud Services

Guy Daniello, Founder & CEO
Peloton Group (“Peloton”), a nationally-recognized leader in Integrated Cloud Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Big Data- Analytics, is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Advances in Cloud technology are making it easier for companies to automate their once manual and inefficient processes to a flexible and secure platform for enhanced planning, transaction management, and reporting capabilities across the organization. Peloton facilitates this transition to the cloud by seamlessly integrating disparate cloud solutions as well as remaining on-premise applications through a fully managed Platform-as-a- Service (iPaaS). Through this hosted solution, the Peloton Cloud Integration Hub, organizations are able to securely transfer, transform, and maintain business integration points across the entire infrastructure irrespective of location.

The Peloton Cloud Integration Hub is designed to stream, transform, and exchange sensitive data between various third-party platforms such as Workday, Salesforce. com, and financial institutions, without putting the setup, maintenance and monitoring burden on the client. With this premier service, clients are able to effectively scale farther and faster, and remain competitive in today’s modern digital age. “With its holistic, innovative, and transformative approach focused on people, process, and technology Peloton helps companies leverage information, become more efficient and effective in how they operate, and to perform faster in their respective marketplaces,” says Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder.

Peloton is recognized as a leader in Integrated Cloud Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Big Data-Analytics with in-depth functional and technical expertise

To enable business transformation, Peloton provides Advisory, Consulting, and Managed Services using its deep functional and technical expertise to drive sustainable results for clients in the Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, Aerospace and Defense, and Financial Services industries. Peloton leverages unique collaborative yet repeatable processes and approaches to deploy cloud solutions faster and more efficiently resulting in greater savings and faster time to market for its clients.

Seamlessly Connecting the Organization with Cloud Integration

LogMeIn, a provider of software as a service and cloud-based connectivity services located in Boston, MA, partnered with Peloton to create seamless integration between existing systems and third-party applications such as, Workday, Netsuite, Salesforce and flat file extracts. With the Peloton Cloud Integration Hub (CIH) Peloton created a self-service environment for LogMeIn to securely stream sensitive data from their third-party applications (both on-premise and in the cloud), transform the data and then upload it directly to their newly implemented Enterprise Planning Budgeting Cloud solution for a more comprehensive view of the business. Through the Peloton Cloud Integration Hub Peloton now manages and maintains all scheduled work and processes freeing up LogMeIn resources for value-added activities.

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